The Client Terms Toward His Lawyer

The Client Terms Toward His Lawyer

If there is someone who has a personal lawyer, it can be ascertained that the person has great trust in his lawyer. That is because trusted between clients and lawyers is indeed very important and must be built firmly. In fact, the first thing that must be built between them is trust.

In addition, there are also conditions that must be fulfilled by clients against lawyers. And here I submit some of the conditions.

The first is a power of attorney given to a lawyer. This is so that a lawyer can represent his client to do everything to defend clients, or connect with other people. However, not all things can be done by a lawyer because usually in a written power of attorney that limits the lawyer.

Another thing is the client's obligation to provide valid information. This point is important. That is because all information from clients can greatly help lawyers' efforts to win cases. Especially if the problem is about a dispute or accusation.

The third point is the client's obligation to pay the attorney's wages, if the lawyer has completed all his duties. In this case, the lawyer sometimes does not have to ask clients for fees, especially if their clients belong to the poor. Therefore, it can also be said that the profession of a lawyer is a noble profession because sometimes they help people in need without expecting anything in return.

Also note that the client and lawyer have an attachment, which is usually written in a contract signed by both parties. In the contract there is also information about what to do if the client and lawyer have a problem. That includes the large fees that must be paid by the client and the losses suffered by the client.

If problems arise between the client and the lawyer, the client can demand his lawyer. Especially if the lawyer does not carry out his duties properly. This is usually stated in the contract. The same thing can also be done by a lawyer, if the client makes a mistake or does not meet the conditions that must be met.


Types of Insurance for Newly Married Young Couples

Types of Insurance for Newly Married Young Couples

At the beginning of this year there were many lovers who decided to get married. As a young married couple, chances are there won't be many of them who are interested in taking insurance. In fact, there is a lot of insurance that suits them.

For example, life insurance. Young married couples who participate in this type of insurance will benefit greatly. Apart from because in case something happens that is not desirable, the value of this insurance will increase every year.

Just like life insurance, health insurance is also very suitable. Young couples sometimes do not set aside funds for unexpected expenses, such as setting aside money for medical treatment when they fall ill and must be treated in a hospital. If you have health insurance, of course they will not be bothered with expensive medical expenses because the insurance company will cover it.

In addition to the two types of insurance above, there are still education insurance, home insurance and vehicles. Educational insurance is suitable for young couples who already have children. They do not need to worry about funding their children's education, by participating in education insurance.

Likewise with vehicle and home insurance. Young couples can really benefit from this insurance. That is because over time vehicles and houses will be more fragile and must be addressed, whether it's because the engine is getting older, or the house is damaged by age. Young couples can minimize their expenses to fix vehicles and homes, by following this insurance.

In essence, there is nothing wrong for young couples to take part in insurance. However, insurance will be very helpful and provide benefits that are very useful for all of us.


Reconsider Your Decision for Divorce

Reconsider Your Decision for Divorce

No one can guarantee that the integrity of the household will always work well. No matter whether you have been married for decades, including poor or rich families, divorce can still occur. In 2019 alone, many people have already divorced. Most divorces are caused by economic problems, the presence of third people and violence.

There will be victims of divorce. However, the victim is not the husband or wife, but the children. Sometimes, just because of the ego of the husband or wife, family problems that should be resolved properly, it becomes very complicated. If this is the case, then divorce is inevitable. Even though there will be another big impact resulting from divorce, it usually has more impact on the wife side.

For example, there was a wife suing her husband for divorce, who had been the backbone of the family for several years. If it is officially divorced, then the wife's side will be disadvantaged in terms of the economy because divorce will make financial affairs their own business.

In addition, it should also be noted that divorce can make relationships with others become tenuous, usually relationships with in-laws or relatives of ex-spouses.

Therefore, it is recommended that you reconsider your decision to divorce. As much as possible the problem of the household is resolved properly and does not proceed to the trial. In fact, if necessary ask other people to be mediators. No need to hesitate and be embarrassed to do so because the fact is that family problems sometimes require other people to be resolved properly.

More than that, try to think carefully, are you sure will be happier after getting a divorce? There is no guarantee that you will be happier after getting a divorce. It could be if you decide to divorce and remarry, your new partner will not be better than your ex-partner. This has been proven. Many people divorced and then remarried, but eventually divorced again with their new partner because of the same problem.

So, you had better try to stay with your partner now, rather than decide to divorce and remarry. Remember, maintaining a marriage is indeed much more difficult than finding a new partner.


Make Sure Your Lawyer Has A License

Make Sure Your Lawyer Has A License

If we are involved in a case that drags us to court, it's better if we are accompanied by a lawyer. It because lawyers certainly know and understand legal issues, and also know all the things that must be done so that we win the case.

It's easy to find a lawyer to defend us at the trial. However, it is not easy to find a qualified and experienced lawyer. In this case, a qualified lawyer who already has a lot of experience will make bigger our chance to winning the cases. Nevertheless, all of that still depends on the case itself. For example, if there is a drunk person committing violence who is caught on CCTV camera, then obviously that person cannot escape punishment.

Apart from that, there are other things that must be considered in choosing a lawyer. In order for you to avoid mistakes, then make sure that the lawyer you will hire, has a valid lawyer license. If necessary, ask that they show the license they have. It because a new lawyer can be called a professional if they have an official license from a lawyer's organization.

This is sometimes forgotten by those who want to hire a lawyer for the first time. In fact, this is very important because we definitely want to hire the services of a professional lawyer, who can serve us well.

Make sure you delegate all your legal matters to the right lawyer. If you are still confused and want to know more about how to choose a good lawyer, please read our article about choosing a qualified and experienced lawyer.

Remember, sometimes legal matters are very complicated. Especially if we don't know at all. Entrust your legal issues to lawyers, of course lawyers who already have a legal official license.


Health Insurance Benefits When Natural Disasters Occur

Health Insurance Benefits When Natural Disasters Occur

There will be many people who suffer when natural disasters occur, especially if the disaster befalls a big city. From various circles will feel the impact of the natural disaster. In fact, it is not uncommon for a disaster to take casualties or make many people suffer injuries, both physical and mental injuries. It will be very difficult to get help when a disaster has just happened. Moreover, there will be very many people who come to the hospital for treatment.

At present it cannot be denied that the costs for hospital care are very high. There are some people who will think twice about going to hospital because of this. In fact, there are now many types of insurance can help us going to hospital.

If they follow health insurance, the costs will be borne by the insurance company. Including in the case of natural disasters, insurance companies will also pay for medical expenses. Therefore, health insurance is clearly very useful for all of us because it does not look at the situation and conditions.

It should be noted, too that there are now many health insurance users in Japan. According to existing records, insurance users in the cherry country have doubled from before. If you look at the fact that earthquakes occur frequently in Japan, the steps taken by Japanese residents are very precise. That's because health insurance is indeed a good solution for people who live there.

No one wants natural disasters to occur in their homes. However, all that cannot be avoided. Therefore, it's good to take part in health insurance, just in case natural disasters occur in the future. There is no harm in preparing everything from now on. Remember, health remains the main thing.


Why Should Buy Earthquake Insurance?

Why Should Buy Earthquake Insurance?

You can be sure that no one wants to be caught in a natural disaster. However, natural disasters cannot be avoided, even by a large or advanced country. Even though there are currently sophisticated tools that can detect natural disasters, these tools are only limited to knowing. Natural disasters can cause very severe damage, even tall buildings designed to withstand earthquakes also still have the possibility of being destroyed. Especially where we live.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis can destroy homes and all their contents. If this happens to us, of course we will experience big losses. However, don't be afraid because now there is earthquake insurance that is the solution.

This type of insurance will make you not feel worried about our home and all its contents. It because this insurance guarantees losses and damage caused by earthquakes. So, for those who live in disaster-prone areas, this insurance is very suitable to be followed. However, for those who live in safe areas, this earthquake insurance also seems to be followed. Why? Because this type of insurance not only guarantees losses caused by earthquakes, but also other natural disasters such as tsunamis, erupting mountains and fires.

This loss insurance from earthquake insurance will be given quickly, so it will be very useful when natural disasters strike our area. Usually, items that are destroyed will also be guaranteed. However, this only applies to items that have been agreed with the insurance company. So, not all items will be guaranteed by an insurance company.

There will be no harm in buying earthquake insurance. However, buying this insurance will be surefire step because natural disasters cannot be avoided. There is a saying 'provide an umbrella before it rains', which means it's better to be on guard before the disaster comes.


Responsibilities That Should Not be Forgotten After Divorce

Responsibilities That Should Not be Forgotten After Divorce

If you try to find out about how often divorce happens, you will find that divorce rates continue to increase every year. Usually these divorce cases are experienced by young couples, who decide to get married when they still do not know the person of their partner.

That fact was corroborated by a professor who conducted research on divorce cases. In the study, it was found that the average divorce occurred in young couples carrying 20 years.

However, not infrequently also a couple who has been married for decades, finally decides to divorce. In such cases, it is usually caused by the presence of a third party or a fight with the end of violence.

Not infrequently people get divorced after having a baby. In cases like this, the child has been a victim of their divorce. How that come? When children should get happiness and affection from their parents, the child must know the bitter thing about his parents who will separate.

If the separation is official, the child will be asked to choose who to live with. Thus, of course the intensity of the child met with one of his parents to be reduced.

Regarding this matter, it should be known by parents (especially young people) that after divorce occurs, they still have responsibility to the child, even if they do not live at home. It because usually young couples who are divorced do not know about this.

Divorce will not stop the responsibilities of parents to their children. Responsibility to the child will continue to exist, at least until their child is mature or married.


3 International Provisions on Attorney Immunity

3 International Provisions on Attorney Immunity

Maybe not many people know that an attorney has special rights in the world of law. In fact, their special rights have been arranged internationally. This right includes the immunity of attorneys which makes them unable to be prosecuted in a civil or criminal manner while carrying out their duties to defend their clients.

However, the real question is whether an attorney is indeed immune from the law? The answer is of course 'no'. Why is that? That's because the immunity of attorneys has certain limitations. It should be noted, the immunity of attorneys only applies when they carry out their profession in good faith to defend the interests of their clients.

Immunity attorneys are also regulated in international provisions, include:

Basic Principles on the Role of Attorneys - This provision explains that governments in each country have an obligation to guarantee lawyers. They must be freed from all forms of intervention, intimidation and all kinds of disturbances when they carry out their profession. In addition, the government is also obliged to guarantee that attorneys are free from lawsuits while on duty.

International Bar Association (IBA) Standards for Independence of the Legal Profession - The second point explains that when attorneys carry out their profession that they not only have the immunity listed in point 1, but also about intimidation, administration, sanctions and the economy.

The declaration produced by the World Conference of Independence of Justice in Montreal, Canada in 1983 - The third explained that attorneys have the right to have independence. The system at this point explains that the administration of justice is required to be fair.

The three points above explain that the attorneys profession does indeed have impunity when serving outside and inside the court. However, this immunity only applies when they carry out their duties in good faith and do not violate the code of ethics.

What if there is an attorney violating a code of ethics for the benefit of his client? Of course, the attorney's immunity will not apply.


Don't Ignore These If You Will Divorce

Don't Ignore These If You Will Divorce

Divorce is something that no one wants to have experience. However, at this time there are already a lot of husband and wife who decide not to continue their household.

There are various reasons that can lead to divorce. For example, because of economic life, the presence of a third person or because both parties fight too often because of small things.

In this case, specifically for the wife side, do not ignore the three things below if you have decided to sue for divorce. It because for the majority of the women who were divorced, they finally regretted ignoring it.

The first is about children. This problem includes caring for a living for children. This is very often forgotten by the wife. Even though this point is important, especially to ensure the child's future. In addition, this also avoids the refusal of the ex-husband to be responsible for the child.

The next is about the income of the ex-wife. This point is often overlooked by the wife because they only focus on her desire to divorce her partner or because they feel emotional. In fact, they can get the right to earn a living even though they are divorced.

The last is about shared assets. For this problem, all will be easier to obtain if previously there was already a marriage agreement at the beginning. And if it's not there, then what happens is the opposite.

For this reason, consider hiring a divorce lawyer, of course a professional and experienced divorce lawyer. Besides because they already know what to do to defend you, a divorce lawyer will also fight for and tell you about the rights that you can get. Besides that, it can also mediate between the two parties.

It would be great if in the end divorce did not occur. If that happens, it will be better for you to be accompanied by a lawyer. So, you will not regret something you did not expect, for example like the three things above.