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Requirements for Adopting Children

Requirements for Adopting Children

There are many people who are married, but do not have children. Although the age of their marriage has been for years, but they have never had a baby. However, there is a system that allows them to have children. They can adopt children. Adoption of this child can be done directly or through an intermediary.

Direct adoption of children is if adoption is carried out through biological parents directly. Conversely, indirectly is if adoption is done through an intermediary. Even so, there are several conditions that must be met in advance for adoption. The condition is that the applicant must submit an application for adoption to the court, which states that they want to adopt the child legally. In the process of submitting this, the applicant can request the assistance of a lawyer. If not, they can try to submit their own application.

Before submitting an application, prepare a number of things needed for submission. Some of them are written files, personal data, witnesses and also reasons for wanting to adopt a child. I suggest completing these conditions. If not fulfilled, the process of submitting an application for adoption will not be approved by the court. Also, make sure that you are ready morally and materially. Make sure that you have enough of these two things so that the court is willing to approve the child.

Also note that adopting children can't only be done by those who are married. Unmarried people can also adopt. Even now there are many people who are not married, but already have children. Usually, people who do this are people who are afraid to get married, but want to have children.

Finally, adopting children is a noble act. At present, there are many children who do not know their biological parents. Most of them are abandoned or discarded by unmarried biological parents. Such parents are parents who have no mentality and are not responsible. In fact, children have the right to get love from their parents. They do not yet understand how hard life is and have not been able to earn their own living. Therefore, for unmarried couples, you should avoid pregnancy first.


Why Must Death Punishment?

Why Must Death Punishment?

At present there are many countries that have implemented the death punishment. In certain cases of serious crimes, the judge who presided over the court usually gave the defendant the death sentence. However, why should there be a death sentence? Are there no other penalties that can replace the death punishment?

It should be understood beforehand that this death punishment is actually one way to prevent people from committing crimes. For example, country imposes the death punishment on perpetrators of corruption, no matter whether the perpetrator embezzles company or state money.

Crime of corruption is one type of serious crime because it can harm the company or the country. If the punishment for corruption is only a prison sentence, it is certain that the perpetrators will never feel deterred. They will not be afraid to do it again if they have another chance.

In some countries, corruption cases have more severe penalties. For example, the state of China punishes the perpetrators of corruption with the death punishment and makes the families of the perpetrators poor by confiscating all of their assets. If other countries with very high levels of corruption apply such penalties that would be the right step because such penalties have been proven to reduce corruption rates.

It could be said that the death punishment is a punishment that can suppress crime. However, in some cases, the death punishment is too heavy a sentence. For example, there was a cellphone thief caught and finally sentenced to death by the court. The sentence is clearly not comparable because it does not harm the country and the crime includes minor crimes. In addition, the death punishment itself is basically a sentence that violates human rights.

Unlike the case when there is a terrorist caught and then sentenced to death. As we have seen, terrorists are now a network that is frightening and at any time their actions can result in many casualties. An example is when they commit suicide bombings in public places. Seeing such crimes, should be enough to make all countries implement the death punishment.


Reconsider Your Decision for Divorce

Reconsider Your Decision for Divorce

No one can guarantee that the integrity of the household will always work well. No matter whether you have been married for decades, including poor or rich families, divorce can still occur. In 2019 alone, many people have already divorced. Most divorces are caused by economic problems, the presence of third people and violence.

There will be victims of divorce. However, the victim is not the husband or wife, but the children. Sometimes, just because of the ego of the husband or wife, family problems that should be resolved properly, it becomes very complicated. If this is the case, then divorce is inevitable. Even though there will be another big impact resulting from divorce, it usually has more impact on the wife side.

For example, there was a wife suing her husband for divorce, who had been the backbone of the family for several years. If it is officially divorced, then the wife's side will be disadvantaged in terms of the economy because divorce will make financial affairs their own business.

In addition, it should also be noted that divorce can make relationships with others become tenuous, usually relationships with in-laws or relatives of ex-spouses.

Therefore, it is recommended that you reconsider your decision to divorce. As much as possible the problem of the household is resolved properly and does not proceed to the trial. In fact, if necessary ask other people to be mediators. No need to hesitate and be embarrassed to do so because the fact is that family problems sometimes require other people to be resolved properly.

More than that, try to think carefully, are you sure will be happier after getting a divorce? There is no guarantee that you will be happier after getting a divorce. It could be if you decide to divorce and remarry, your new partner will not be better than your ex-partner. This has been proven. Many people divorced and then remarried, but eventually divorced again with their new partner because of the same problem.

So, you had better try to stay with your partner now, rather than decide to divorce and remarry. Remember, maintaining a marriage is indeed much more difficult than finding a new partner.


Responsibilities That Should Not be Forgotten After Divorce

Responsibilities That Should Not be Forgotten After Divorce

If you try to find out about how often divorce happens, you will find that divorce rates continue to increase every year. Usually these divorce cases are experienced by young couples, who decide to get married when they still do not know the person of their partner.

That fact was corroborated by a professor who conducted research on divorce cases. In the study, it was found that the average divorce occurred in young couples carrying 20 years.

However, not infrequently also a couple who has been married for decades, finally decides to divorce. In such cases, it is usually caused by the presence of a third party or a fight with the end of violence.

Not infrequently people get divorced after having a baby. In cases like this, the child has been a victim of their divorce. How that come? When children should get happiness and affection from their parents, the child must know the bitter thing about his parents who will separate.

If the separation is official, the child will be asked to choose who to live with. Thus, of course the intensity of the child met with one of his parents to be reduced.

Regarding this matter, it should be known by parents (especially young people) that after divorce occurs, they still have responsibility to the child, even if they do not live at home. It because usually young couples who are divorced do not know about this.

Divorce will not stop the responsibilities of parents to their children. Responsibility to the child will continue to exist, at least until their child is mature or married.


3 International Provisions on Attorney Immunity

3 International Provisions on Attorney Immunity

Maybe not many people know that an attorney has special rights in the world of law. In fact, their special rights have been arranged internationally. This right includes the immunity of attorneys which makes them unable to be prosecuted in a civil or criminal manner while carrying out their duties to defend their clients.

However, the real question is whether an attorney is indeed immune from the law? The answer is of course 'no'. Why is that? That's because the immunity of attorneys has certain limitations. It should be noted, the immunity of attorneys only applies when they carry out their profession in good faith to defend the interests of their clients.

Immunity attorneys are also regulated in international provisions, include:

Basic Principles on the Role of Attorneys - This provision explains that governments in each country have an obligation to guarantee lawyers. They must be freed from all forms of intervention, intimidation and all kinds of disturbances when they carry out their profession. In addition, the government is also obliged to guarantee that attorneys are free from lawsuits while on duty.

International Bar Association (IBA) Standards for Independence of the Legal Profession - The second point explains that when attorneys carry out their profession that they not only have the immunity listed in point 1, but also about intimidation, administration, sanctions and the economy.

The declaration produced by the World Conference of Independence of Justice in Montreal, Canada in 1983 - The third explained that attorneys have the right to have independence. The system at this point explains that the administration of justice is required to be fair.

The three points above explain that the attorneys profession does indeed have impunity when serving outside and inside the court. However, this immunity only applies when they carry out their duties in good faith and do not violate the code of ethics.

What if there is an attorney violating a code of ethics for the benefit of his client? Of course, the attorney's immunity will not apply.


Tips How to Win in A Court

Tips How to Win in A Court
In this world, of course everyone involved in a legal case wants to win their case. Both the party who charged and the defendant wanted to win. They don't care what price they have to pay.

However, it's not easy to win a case in a court. There are several things to be considered:

1. Learn the case

Knowing a case in detail is very important to win a case. The client must tell the whole things about the case in detail so the lawyer can arrange the strategy to defend the client. Besides every case needs different treatment. So the client must be open and honest to the lawyer.

2. Understand the Law

After learning the case, the next important step is understanding the law related to that case. If you are the lawyer, you must know and understand the law. We need to know that law is not only from the Constitution, but we can find it in theory, principles, or jurist's opinions. Lawyer can decide how to handle the case, by knowing and understanding the law.

3. Complete the Evidence

The next step is preparing the evidence to support the defense. Collect as some evidence as you can. And secure the evidence, especially the crucial ones that can affect the trial because sometimes there are intends to eliminate the evidence.

4. Use the Right Strategy

Every lawyer usually has prepared a strategy to win a case. When arranging a strategy a lawyer needs many sources, not only from theories and constitution. Experience affects the strategy arranged by a lawyer. A lawyer also needs to analyze the sources needed to support their strategies.

5. Qualified Defense

Sometimes a lawyer ignores the quality of the defense. This can be really affect the trials. Many lawyers are expert in law, but sometimes they ignore the quality of a defense and often this is a crucial factor that causes a lawyer is defeated. The quality of defense is not only about the ability to argue verbally, but also supported by written arguments using legal terminology. Besides that, it must also be supported by legal principles.

6. Do not Give Up

Many people give up in the middle of the law process because the truth that they believe is judged wrong or otherwise. That's why a lawyer must have a strong will to support their clients. Lawyers have to do their best because although a judge decision is made, a suspect still have access to justice, for example through appeal, judicial review.


Road Take Over Early Counseling with Your Own Injury Attorney

There is nothing wrong in preparing for any conditions, here are a number of ideas about how to take over initial counseling with an injury lawyer himself.

1. Do nurseries for lawyers. First, of all if you don't do it, do a glimpse of trial cyber about lawyers. Look at the lawyer's website. Read what some provide input about lawyers. This collection of things will give you insight into lawyers and their qualifications ahead of counseling.

2. Contact the attorney's office and mention supply paralegals. No need to be surprised if you don't call a lawyer at the telephone call first. The attorney's calendar is generally not yet laden and the lawyer may or may not even be in the office. However, ask to meet with a lawyer by yourself for brief counseling. And ask what you have to wrap to the match.

3. Get your duck continuously. Towards the match, collect photos that might suit your problem. These items might be your motorcycle insurance policy, photos, police news, and other suitable facts that you might want that match your problem.

4. Give all lawyers an understanding. When counseling, give all lawyers an understanding. Generally the most common way is to immediately notify the lawyer of your story and then provide a lawyer license to ask your questions. That is to help lawyers understand a little whether there is estimates are an important factor in your claim.

5. Be a responsible person. When counseling, fulfill and be responsible for the facts of your problem. You don't have to worry about these things. If there is a bad side of your problem that you believe might not be profitable, it doesn't work to suggest that your lawyer about these things won't be good for you. Often, if a lawyer looks for something negative about their customers or their customer's previous representation problems, lawyers can well minimize this negative impact. But, if you allow your attorney to be blindsided by countering-late people on your issue, your lawyer might not be able to properly minimize the negative impact. Besides that, if you are caught in a lie, it will only hurt your problem and if the lie is big you might lose your problem entirely.

6. Ask your lawyer questions. After you end things before, ask a lawyer. We're a question that you want to know about them and your problem.

Follow this easy technique, and you will be ready and can take over the initial counseling well with a personal injury lawyer.


What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

What is a Durable Power of Attorney?
A power of attorney that is durable can actually include special, special requirements and those concerning health care. But, in the type of lawyer is an endurance article. There are a number of different arguments far enough that you might want to add a durability clause in the power of attorney. Then, the power of attorney with the durability clause works, if you have to be worthless with 'thrown' or disabled and forbidden to regulate your business then, the attorney's power will not be seduced because the clause is durability. If it is not durable, the gift or authority given to the company considered or the lawyer will be completely dismissed. That's because you become worthless or have a 'thrown' defect. However, with the potential hold clauses that are classified, gifts or authority recorded on the form will not function as well as your company or lawyer. Even though it is actually to be able to function on the surface of your name. The inability of 'thrown' or disability can be caused by problems, entering the treatment room due to disasters and health arguments that exist throughout the world. You who are diagnosed with a terminal problem will provide a power of attorney form. That is to confirm if you are said to be a company or their lawyer can arrange their property and monetary affairs when they can't.

If you can, the company or lawyer actually has the authority or authority recorded in the form if you become worthless or a 'thrown' defect, your power of attorney will include such a report and the type of form is sometimes said to be a 'lasting lawyer power' and gift or the authority given to companies or lawyers in the gallery will not function unless a hospital has a license saying if you are 'thrown' worthless and can't.

Almost all durable power forms function quickly after being given a signature to make you said to be the gift company or the authority recorded in the form quickly. However, apart from your arguments, you can with a durable power of attorney. You have to confirm if the institution is a company or a lawyer is actually a consumer that you can trust and later function in such a way. They can regulate your property and monetary issues, you want to confirm if they are published with certainty on the form what authority or authority you offer them.

A lawyer does not have to be your company or lawyer, but it is very valuable for you to select consumers that you can trust.

Finally, the successor company or lawyer can actually be said to be even with the durability clause included. The successor company or lawyer can be valuable for being posted in cases if your main destination for a company or lawyer. This is prohibited from acting or is prohibited from acting as a company or your lawyer actually. Your successor company can begin to function on the surface of your designation if you must not have to celebrate other forms.


Understand Types of Attorney in Handling Cases

Understand What Type of Attorney is for Your Problem
Many of you will need an attorney at something when in their own lives, even though they don't possess time to cope with the law. Should you have to perform a lawyer, it can valuable to obtain what type of info you will need for the special issue. Lawyers usually have the capability within the widest lawful field they need. The two kinds of lawyers that this general public should visit reduced to the "civil" umbrella -- which means they have got problems with circumstances such as separation and divorce or college students right contract, as well as "criminals" - meaning they have issues with crime. Within civil issues you usually will in problem with going to court lawyers, later on helping through you in the entire adjacent trial. The litigation lawyer struggles along with basic findings, before trial, demo, and what demands he trips afterwards.

There is a variety of lawful worlds that may work attorney invaders. Among the sample attorneys you might have to pay for is a motorbike accident attorney. A motorbike accident attorney can be said to become a disaster attorney, and can transfer invaders in order to disaster sufferers who look for compensation. For those who have struggled with disasters what you might hurt, it would be useful to contact someone who is a great law. This way is to enable all of them to help you get the actual compensation you want. For those who have struggled with disasters what you might hurt, it would be useful to contact someone who is a great law. This way is to enable all of them to help you get the actual compensation you want. A motorbike accident attorney can be said to become a lawyer in the own therapy room, simply because they have problems with numerous calamities which help the actual treatment space - for example disaster within a building.

An additional sample of the type of lawyer you might find is actually a family lawyer. The lawyer can make everything from separation and divorce, adoption, student rights, and the right of arrival. In general, almost all court issues relating to the issue family is going to be served through invaders of the good kind of law. Their own work signifies the needs of the customers, and the families, in case some are active in the problem.

If you are branded like a criminal arrest, you will need the criminal attorney to make your trouble and help using the charges impending with you. More of you might choose to symbolize themselves towards the court, may play legal lawyers if you need to help yourself with legal charges. Legal lawyers create crimes which range from the easy towards the very, categorized as drunk driving and killing.

These are only a sample quantity from the kind of lawyer who you may encounter. There is a variety of a person, classified because immigration attorneys, malpractice attorneys, tax attorneys, and an amount of moderate. Many of you have problems with going to lawyers who are at least perfect in their lives. Being a court lawyer can make a variety of different legal issues quite a lot.


Associate Attorney Employment Contract

Some attorneys works in an association with an owner. And there are some agreements in the contract between the attorney and the association company where they work. In March 2011 there was a dispute between a law office in Cruz and the attorney. During the period of the contract, the law office changed the agreement for their own advantages. These are some agreements in their contract:

a. Activities and Tasks

The association company decides which tasks that will be assigned to the attorney and the contract price for the services

b. Compensation

The law office agreed to pay the attorney salary annually, reward and 10% bonus compensation from the repayment of an injury case

c. Partnerships

Attorney can become a partner in the association company after doing work for several years.

d. Facilities- Office

The company must provide office space and staff for the attorney- Insurance

The company provides insurance for the attorney- Travel

All cost spent in a business trip will be reimbursed by the company- Schooling

To improve the attorneys skill, the company facilitates the attorney to get further education in a college or university

e. Extra Advantages- Health Insurance

The company provides insurance for the attorneys that covers all of the medical treatments- Holiday

Attorney gets Three weeks holiday a year- Life Insurance

The company also provides life insurance for the attorney- Pension Plan- Defects

In case where the attorney can't complete their job because of their incompetence, the company gives three months for them to fix it.

f. Operation- Records and Documents

All records and documents of the clients belongs to the company- The clients pay the entire cost and compensation to the company, not to the attorney. The attorney receives the salary from the company for the services they provide.

g. Period

The contract period is one year and renewable. The company can terminate the contract due to illness or incompetence of the attorney

h. Others

This agreement is signed by both parties. The disputes or changes that might arise in the contract will be resolved next