Steps for Submitting Car Insurance Claim

Steps for Submitting Car Insurance Claim

Many people think that filing an insurance claim is complicated. In fact, this reason has made many people not want to buy one type of insurance. In fact, the submission of insurance claims is not as complicated as they imagined. It's just that the submission of insurance claims does require some conditions that must be met.

For example, filing a car insurance claim. For this type of insurance there are several conditions that must be met. One of them is an accident document. If this document is not owned by a car accident insurance user, the insurance company has the right to reject the claim.

For more details, here are some of the conditions for obtaining compensation in a car accident insurance.

Accident document - This document is obtained from an insurance company. You must fill in all data contained in the document, including the chronology of the occurrence of the car accident. These will be considered by the insurance company, whether they will approve or reject the claim. In addition, the client is also required to bring a photocopy of the insurance policy. This is to ensure that the client is one of the customers of the insurance company and also to ensure that the premium has been paid. Other documents that must be owned are a copy of the driver license and vehicle registration, as well as a certificate from the police.

Documents from third parties - This document is a statement made by a third party. The third party in question is the person involved in the accident (the victim who requested compensation). In this statement, third parties must also admit whether they already have a car insurance or not. If you already have, insurance companies will usually refuse to compensate. In addition, third parties must also provide a copy of the driver license and vehicle registration, as well as a certificate from the police.


Some Terms in the World of Insurance

Some Terms in the World of Insurance

There are several terms in the world of insurance. For those who have long been users of insurance services, maybe they know the terms in the insurance world. But if you are just about to jump or have never used insurance services, maybe you won't know.

Therefore, now I will try to tell about the terms in the insurance world, and also the meaning of the terms themselves. Hopefully my writing this time can increase the knowledge of the readers and prospective insurance users.

The first is an insurance policy. An insurance policy is an agreement or several letters (such as a contract) which contains a written agreement between the two parties, which in this case is the insurance user and insurance company.

The second is the applicant, or commonly referred to as the Applicant by people who work in insurance companies. This word is intended for those who want to apply for insurance.

Next is the policy holder. These two words are intended for insurance applicants who have been approved by an insurance company, or those who have signed an insurance agreement with the insurance company.

The fourth is insured or insured. This word is intended for those who are registered with the insurance. For example, Tony enrolled his parents to take insurance. Therefore, Tony's parents become the insured party.

Fifth is the recipient of coverage or commonly called a beneficiary. The word is addressed to those who will receive benefits from insurance. For more details, I illustrate from Tony's case on the fourth point. If Tony registers himself as the recipient of insurance benefits when registering his parents, then Tony is the recipient of the coverage.

Next is the sum assured. The sum insured is money that will be received by the recipient of the coverage.

Seventh is premium. Premium is a fee that is mandatory and must be submitted by the insured to the insurance company. Please note, the amount of premium for each insurance company varies. Usually, the amount of the premium depends on the agreement between the customer and the insurance company.

Then there is still cash value. Cash value is the cost stated in the agreement between the two parties, which is obligatory to be paid to the insured if the policy is canceled before the insurance period ends.

Then there is insurable interest. The purpose of an insurable interest is an insured relationship with an insured object. This point includes the potential risks that can be experienced by the insured.

Those are some terms in the world of insurance. Hopefully what I write can be useful and useful for all of you.


Why Must Death Punishment?

Why Must Death Punishment?

At present there are many countries that have implemented the death punishment. In certain cases of serious crimes, the judge who presided over the court usually gave the defendant the death sentence. But why should there be a death sentence? Are there no other penalties that can replace the death punishment?

It should be understood beforehand that this death punishment is actually one way to prevent people from committing crimes. For example, country A imposes the death punishment on perpetrators of corruption, no matter whether the perpetrator embezzles company or state money.

Crime of corruption is one type of serious crime, because it can harm the company or the country. If the punishment for perpetrators of corruption is only a prison sentence, it can be ascertained that the perpetrators will never feel deterrent, and not fear those who have the opportunity to practice corruption.

In some countries, corruption cases have more severe penalties. For example, the state of China punishes the perpetrators of corruption with the death punishment and makes the families of the perpetrators poor by confiscating all of their assets. If other countries with very high levels of corruption apply such penalties, that would be the right step, because such penalties have been proven to reduce corruption rates.

It could be said that the death punishment is a punishment that can suppress crime. However, in some cases, the death punishment is too heavy a sentence. For example, there was a cellphone thief caught and finally sentenced to death by the court. The sentence is clearly not comparable, because it does not harm the country and the crime includes minor crimes. In addition, the death punishment itself is basically a sentence that violates human rights.

Unlike the case when there is a terrorist caught and then sentenced to death. As we have seen, terrorists are now a network that is frightening and at any time their actions can result in many casualties. An example is when they commit suicide bombings in public places. Seeing such crimes, should be enough to make all countries implement the death punishment.


The Client Terms Toward His Lawyer

The Client Terms Toward His Lawyer

If there is someone who has a personal lawyer, it can be ascertained that the person has great trust in his lawyer. Because, trust between clients and lawyers is indeed very important and must be built firmly. In fact, the first thing that must be built between them is trust.

In addition, there are also conditions that must be fulfilled by clients against lawyers. And here I submit some of the conditions.

The first is a power of attorney given to a lawyer. This is so that a lawyer can represent his client to do everything to defend clients, or connect with other people. However, not all things can be done by a lawyer, because usually in a written power of attorney that limits the lawyer.

Another thing is the client's obligation to provide valid information. This point is important. Because all information from clients can greatly help lawyers' efforts to win cases. Especially if the problem is about a dispute or accusation.

The third point is the client's obligation to pay the attorney's wages, if the lawyer has completed all his duties. In this case, the lawyer sometimes does not have to ask clients for fees, especially if their clients belong to the poor. Therefore, it can also be said that the profession of a lawyer is a noble profession, because sometimes they help people in need without expecting anything in return.

Also note that the client and lawyer have an attachment, which is usually written in a contract signed by both parties. In the contract there is also information about what should be done if the client and lawyer have a problem, including the large fees that must be paid by the client and the losses suffered by the client.

If problems arise between the client and the lawyer, the client can sue his lawyer. Especially if the lawyer does not carry out his duties properly. This is usually stated in the contract. The same thing can also be done by a lawyer, if the client makes a mistake or does not meet the conditions that must be met.


Types of Insurance for Newly Married Young Couples

Types of Insurance for Newly Married Young Couples

At the beginning of this year there were many lovers who decided to get married. As a young married couple, chances are there won't be many of them who are interested in taking insurance. In fact, there is a lot of insurance that suits them.

For example, life insurance. Young married couples who participate in this type of insurance will benefit greatly. Apart from because in case something happens that is not desirable, the value of this insurance will increase every year.

Just like life insurance, health insurance is also very suitable. Young couples sometimes do not set aside funds for unexpected expenses, such as setting aside money for medical treatment when they fall ill and must be treated in a hospital. If you have health insurance, of course they will not be bothered with expensive medical expenses, because the insurance company will cover it.

In addition to the two types of insurance above, there are still education insurance, home insurance and vehicles. Educational insurance is suitable for young couples who already have children. By participating in education insurance, they do not need to worry about funding their children's education.

Likewise with vehicle and home insurance. Young couples can really benefit from this insurance. Because, over time vehicles and houses will be more fragile and must be addressed, whether it's because the engine is getting older, or the house is damaged by age. By following this insurance, young couples can minimize their expenses to fix vehicles and homes.

In essence, there is nothing wrong for young couples to take part in insurance. However, insurance will be very helpful and provide benefits that are very useful for all of us.